Research & Development

FIBROTEX manages an ongoing in-house design process that keeps on developing camouflage technology in ever changing environments for the search of better products.
Fibrotex product development is based on conclusions drawn from an in-depth study of recent conflicts, combining knowledge from field experience together with expertise in the area of unique compounds, ergonomic engineering and camouflage materials.
This has been proven critical during intense operations in extreme weather conditions.



End to End Provider

The entire Fibrotex production process is under one roof, providing complete vertical capability - from the requirement to the raw material, from the pigment pastes
to the printing, dyeing and finishing. From start to finish, we control all the technical processes to deliver the right product to each and every customer.


At Fibrotex, customer satisfaction takes center stage. The quality of our products and services continually meet and exceed the highest of customer demands. We implement an efficient quality policy to ensure appropriate monitoring throughout the entire production and sales process. Fibrotex is ISO 9001-2008 certified.


Our most-compelling advantages are the depth of our camouflage technology and our extensive in-house development and production capabilities. Fibrotex adapts its products to the unique requirements of each customer, while maintaining high levels of reliability and performance. Fibrotex is known as the company that can "provide innovative solutions according to customer needs, not according to what already exists."


Fibrotex focuses on knowledge, innovation and creativity, new materials, new production processes, new services, new markets and requirements. Knowledge and expertise are fundamental principles of the company.

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Electromagnetic spectrum


Ultraviolet   250 nm – 380 nm

Visual   380 nm – 700 nm

Near Infrared   700 nm – 1200 μm

SWIR   1200 nm – 2500 μm

MWIR   3 μm – 5 μm

LWIR   8 μm – 14 μm

Radar (cm)   2-4GHZ, 8-12GHZ, 18-26GHZ

Radar (mm)   34-35GHZ, 94-120GHZ